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Norman Maclean

Government Funding / Grants


Great Rate Freight
Freedom Fleet
Truckers Coalition
Emergency Response
Virtual Medical School
Veterans health care
Defense Contractors
Border Wall (sensortechnics)
Arizona/Texas land/jobs project
Sensortechnics/Datatronics Infrastructure

Jack Burkman and Associates

  • Jack Burkman and Associates is our Virginia based lobbying firm with over 25 years of experience and relationships. He claims to have a 90% success rate for securing funding!
  • Jack continues to identify large pockets of money in government and through private defense companies looking for niche products. His unique ability to identify and find money makes his contribution invaluable to the companies.

Great Rate Freight: $55,000,000 Grant Ask

  • Political/logistics effort to increase the income of the largest group of independent business owners in America
  • Software/ap designed to eliminate need for predatory trucking brokerages
  • Increase Truckers’ incomes by as much as 100%
  • Links shippers to independent truckers
  • Return loads more possible
  • Fuller loads more likely
  • Each trip more profitable
  • Eliminates wait time for truckers
  • Ratings system improves process
  • Truckers are extremely political
  • Grant designed to create jobs and opportunities for Veterans, homeless

Freedom Fleet Coalition: $10,000,000 Grant Ask

  • Taps into huge resource of patriotic Americans
  • Coordinates relief efforts on multiple fronts/locations/events
  • Improves safety for truckers

Truckers Coalition of America: $10,000,000 Grant Ask – DOT

  • Political pact
  • Very conservative, patriotic
  • Aligns and empowers truckers

Rhamnolipids: $48,000,000 Grant Ask – Dept. of Agriculture

  • Rhamnolipids is a unique and proprietary technology that through nano technology has developed and perfected technology to discover pests, potential nutrient deficiencies and other maladies in any crop, but focused on hemp.
  • Furthermore, this technology aids in the ability to treat various plant disease states before the crop is devastated.

Purpose Of Funding

  • Purchase land and Biosurfactant tanks
  • Installation of Drones/robots and software automation for its Sales of Biosurfactants and crop management
  • Power replacement of electricity with Solar.

Emergency Response Initiative: $400,000,000 Grant Ask – D.H.S.

  • Jack Burkman has asked us to be the point company for this well-funded initiative that seeks to provide better initial care to victims of domestic terrorist acts, with an emphasis on school shootings.
  • Unique proposal to engage trauma surgeons, emergency doctors and personnel to provide on the spot intervention.
  • Sets up acute mobile trauma centers in all 3100 plus counties.
  • Provides personal and financial incentives for these uniquely trained personnel and the resources to better equip them, save lives.
  • Provides ability to all school children to report anonymous unusual or suspect behavior.

Virtual Medical School: $50,000,000 Grant Ask – Dept. of Education

  • Unique software-based program to create more doctors at zero cost of education. The first two years of medical school are primarily didactic, non-patient learning.
  • Allows underserved and underprivileged an opportunity to advance to an M.D. degree.
  • Opens up a vast array of untapped resources: Non medical-school affiliated physicians, who would be incentivized to teach medical students their specialty in set rotations
  • Self-funding, once the courses are created.
  • Successful graduates must agree to be mentors/teachers
  • Estimated doctor shortage is huge, up to 100,000 doctors.
  • Current estimates for college and medical school run north of 700,000 in student loan debt. This would be eliminated

Veterans Health Care: $55,000,000 – Dept. of Veterans Affairs.

  • Wellness based program designed to aid all Veterans, not just those sick
  • Based on our nutraceutical formulations, our veterans will be healthier, and have a better overall quality of life
  • Pilot program has funds for all nutraceuticals
  • Funds for wellness care staff
  • Funds for selective expertise from surrounding private physicians
  • Designed to wean patients off of pharmaceuticals and prevent diseases from happening
  • Unique CBD enhanced formulations for PTSD, anxiety, inflammatory disease states
  • Provides funding for extracorporeal patented system to eliminate PTSD

Border Wall Sensor Technology $250,000,000 Grant Ask – DOD

  • Sensortechnic technology for infrastructure and creation of border wall
  • Vastly superior to current border wall proposal
  • Allows real time access to all sections of the border
  • Fills in hard to access holes in proposed border wall
  • $100,000,000 for infrastructure
  • $150,000,000 for wall.

Arizona/Texas Jobs Creation initiative: $55,000,000 Grant Ask

  • Vast tract of land and water rights in Arizona and Texas
  • Creation of two plants: Water, Graphene
  • Water is unlimited and pristine, suitable for multiple uses including the creation of pharmaceutical grade water