Our aim is to build a vast and interconnected community of unique cannabis-oriented companies through offering a financial platform that, like a river flowing toward the sea, carves a path towards success for both our partners and our shareholders alike.

A smart and secure way to invest in the cannabis industry.

“Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it.”

Norman Maclean

Gold River Productions

We are a collective organization of physicians, scientists, logistics experts, and networkers with a unique ability to assemble projects with huge potential incomes and genuinely positive influences on society.

With our sister company RSHN, we have a sizable investor base of over 40,000. These are individuals with skin already in the game. Our links to finance, CBD and THC cultivation, manufacturing, retail, nutraceutical development, graphene production, defense firms, lobbyists, transportation, and more has afforded us unique opportunities in a wide array of fields that can be exponentially lucrative.

Gold River Productions


Dr. Richard Goulding, MD

Chairman Of The Board
Surgeon, CBD expertise

Jason Jones

Chief Operating Officer
Coordinator of our multiple businesses, acquisitions, and fund raising.

Greg Remsen

Marketing Coordinator
Liaison with formulations, dependency clinics, retail distribution and fund raising.

Dr. Bruce Bond,DC

Product Development
Herbal Expert, Nutraceutical/CBD Creation

Joshua Spooner

Technical Adviser
 Formulations, extraction, logistics, graphene. CEO of New Earth Development (our subsidiary)