Medical Marijuana Licenses for Florida Residents

We are dedicated to relieving suffering.  Whether in the form of discomfort, anxiety or sleep, we recognize the benefits that the cannabis plant holds for many.  But let us be clear, we are not a mill for those wishing recreational use and using the liberal Florida laws to simply get high.

And while marijuana may be the answer to many issues, we realize the following:

  • Marijuana, at some times may be harmful or inappropriate, such as driving or operating heavy machinery
  • Other compounds are available now, often found within the marijuana plant that may offer relief to a greater extent without the side-effects or expense of medical marijuana.
  • It is for this reason, that our patients are given free samples of our physician-crafted products to help them and offer them alternatives to marijuana use.

I am Richard Goulding, M.D.  I am a board-certified surgeon trained at Loyola Medical School and Jackson Memorial Hospital.  I no longer practice surgery, but for the last four years have dedicated myself to the development of alternatives to toxic pharmaceuticals, including marijuana to help those suffering from certain issues.  I have taken the therapeutic parts of the marijuana plant and along with other key ingredients I have painstakingly formulated the best of what’s available and now offer them to my patients.  I have personal experience with many patients who have failed traditional pharmaceuticals, and look forward to helping you deal with your issues including pain, anxiety and sleep.

It is our goal to provide patients with materials to relieve suffering.  While marijuana has definite therapeutic potential, we have harnessed some of its components to accentuate the efficacy, while diminishing the side-effects.  If you are here for simply recreational marijuana use, you are in the wrong place.  There are times when medical marijuana is appropriate, and there are times when our supplements will be better suited for the issue.

I offer my patients free samples and a large discount to our products and will comply with all federal and state requirements for issuance of medical marijuana licenses.

The gummies are completely non-toxic and safe and do not interfere with other medications.  They are best consumed if allowed to dissolve under the tongue and are better absorbed if a small amount of fat (ie. peanut butter) is taken prior to the use of the gummy.  All of these are titratable (can take another if desired result is not fully achieved.)

The Relief Cream and Relax cream work best if rubbed vigorously over affected area.  Can repeat as often as needed.

Low dose Naltrexone/Cyclobenzaprine is a formulation that we personally compound for our patients in the office under state compounding laws.  This compound has yielded great success with addiction and chronic pain.

Pet Peeves:  alternative formulation for your pets.  Ingredients have been known to address anxiety, discomfort and longevity in animals.

Mango Calming Gummies

Anxiety relief from two of the most powerful parts of the cannabis plant without the side-effects of marijuana.  Best if taken under the tongue, and can be titrated (may repeat as necessary) without deleterious side-effects.

Raspberry Relief Gummies

Our combination of high dose CBG, CBN and full spectrum CBD is very strong and very powerful for relief of discomfort.  CBG is one of the most important cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. Benefits include discomfort relief, decreasing inflammation, anxiety, depression, and possibly inhibiting cancer growth. CBN has shown promise as a relaxing agent, discomfort reliever, anti-bacterial, glaucoma, psoriasis and bone growth. Full Spectrum CBD has all of the benefits of the terpenes and other Cannabis ingredients without the side effects of marijuana.

Sleepy Watermelon Gummies

Our mixture has been shown to generate a deeper sleep including an increase in the all-crucial stage 3 (true resting state) as seen in our studies.  CBN is the most expensive cannabinoid available and has been found to have remarkable benefits for those suffering insomnia.

We add CBG, one of the most important cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. This unique combination is, we believe the most effective on the market for help with achieving true rest.  Combining this with Relax Cream an hour before bed is the ultimate in sleep care.

H Cream

This is the first of its kind alternative to a common problem: Hemorrhoids.  This balm contains CBD isolate and full spectrum with 20 mg of CBG. It helps discomfort and also has healing coconut oil, beeswax, emu and the astringent witch hazel. (CBD) can help with the pain involved with hemorrhoids by interacting with the CB1 and CB2 receptors in our brain and body. Stimulating these receptors help reduce pain and inflammation. Use as needed for acute relief, and can be used preventatively as needed.  Can also be supplemented with a topical over the counter steroid cream if necessary for relief.

Relax Cream

Most people aren’t ready for sleep.  Applying this to thin skin, helps prepare oneself for sleep.  This cream delivers an overall Zen relaxed feeling, hence the name. It is perfect to take with the mango calming or watermelon sleep gummies. Himalayan salts are gritty, which help exfoliate the skin to help drive the rare cannabinoids past the skin. Not only are the rare cannabinoids (CBN, CBG, CBV) in this mixture amazing but the supplemental oils (Argan, Emu, Coconut, arrowroot, Australian pink clay and shea) are beneficial to the skin.  Use as needed for anxiety and sleep preparation.

Relief Cream

We made this stronger than necessary, but we know what it’s like to be in pain. No other pain cream is comparable to our product. Let’s start with the ingredients the (cannabinoids) first with CBD isolate at 2642mg this is 2 times higher than other products on the market. We add 285mg of CBD full spectrum and compliment this with the rare cannabinoids of CBG 57mg/ CBV 11mg. The texture is gritty due to the Himalayan salts exfoliating the skin pushing in all the rare cannabinoids into your system. Not only does this address chronic and acute discomfort, the supplemental ingredients are beneficial for your skin. Coconut oil, Shea Butter, Australian pink clay, arrowroot Argan and Emu Oil with pure essential oils keep your skin from being dehydrated but not too oily.

Pet Peeves Dog Supplement

We believe this is the first product of its kind on the market.  A powerful supplement for your pet to address discomfort, longevity, anxiety and inflammation.  Designed for a 20 lb animal, these pet supplements are perfect for your furry family member. They have rare Cannabinoids such as CBD, CBG and CBN. This addresses discomfort, anxiety and aging issues. Another main ingredient is NMN, which repairs damaged DNA and has possible longevity benefits. Fisetin is derived from fruits and vegetables providing powerful antioxidants that can help with health and aging. Fish oil is also added which is beneficial to your animal’s fur making it silky soft, known to help vision and cognitive behavior.



  1. Goulding, M.D.