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“Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it.”

Norman Maclean

Partners & Acquisitions

New Earth Development Corporation

  • Subsidiary of GRPS
  • GRPS has funded a very large grant initiative for New Earth (400 Million has been asked)
  • Hemp
  • Graphene from hemp/biowaste
  • Biowaste
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Pharmaceutical grade water
  • Land: 500 thousand acres: Texas/Arizona targeted and contracted land with water rights for water and graphene plant
  • Conservative revenue: 2 billion per annum with expected 30% increase per year.


  • Subsidiary of GRPS/RSHN
  • Innovative technology to aid in diagnosis and treatment of crop diseases
  • Cantilever nanotechnology
  • Part of a large grant initiative funded by GRPS/RSHN

LaGanga Fairy

  • Subsidiary of GRPS and RSHN
  • LeGanjaFairy was established by Shane Archibald
  • LeGanjaFairy forecasts revenues of $21,000,000.00 USD dollars in the first year of expanded operation with an estimated net profit and net cash flow of $10,000,000.00 USD.

Cal City

  • Subsidiary of GRPS/RSHN
  • Cultivation and Manufacturing has been issued permitting by the city of California City, permit number APN: 216-010-31.
  • Cal City’s business operations are on 2.5 acres, utilities including main power line near the parcel, functioning water, and natural gas are present. This 2.5 acres is suitable for cultivation and manufacturing of CBD and THC based products,
  • Experienced operator, Jason Jones, COO of RushNet and GRPS, seeks to expand and offer bottling for beverages as well as the capability to add infused CBD. This will also help facilitate the product and beverage creation endeavors of RushNet and GRPS.

Great Rate Freight

  • Acquired by GRPS/RSHN
  • Logistics based company linking independent truckers to shippers
  • Software in development
  • GRPS and RSHN have funded a 65 million dollar ask for grants for this company
  • Truckers represent the largest group of independent business owners in the country