Our aim is to build a vast and interconnected community of unique cannabis-oriented companies through offering a financial platform that, like a river flowing toward the sea, carves a path towards success for both our partners and our shareholders alike.

A smart and secure way to invest in the cannabis industry.

“Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it.”

Norman Maclean

Partner With Gold River Productions

Advantages of our partnership to cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, retail, and/or ancillary businesses:

  • Access to capital. And access can be repeated as necessary.
  • Alternative income in the form of public company stock and associated income tax advantages, transforming ordinary income into long-term capital gains.
  • Income increases exponentially as company stock value is many times the amount of that income.
  • Currently, cannabis stocks are trading at high multipliers. At recent 30X revenue multipliers for example, a company earning, $10,000,000 in revenues (not net income), would on the average enjoy a market capitalization of $300,000,000! Effectively, we want participating companies to enjoy that unique market anomaly.
  • Unique staff of cultivation specialists, extraction experts, physicians, and formulators.
  • Trucking logistics – GreatRateFreight, to reduce the cost of transporting product. Decreases costs to consumer. Increases profits to participating companies. This is crucial now that CBD can be transported legally across state lines.
  • Unique Marketing technology and platform to foster growth and awareness and increase profits. (Conx2share)
  • A physician network. A unique platform that enhances physicians’ ability to utilize unique CBD formulations and profit from it while delivering better patient care. Incorporates payment processing without charges.
  • Access to product development and our unique nutraceutical/cbd formulations.
  • Expert SEC and legal consulting.
  • Access to a 40,000+ shareholder base.
  • Access to our lobbying team and possible grants for qualifying entities.
  • Within the confines of the public company, the participant will have total operational autonomy and total checkbook control of its own operations.
  • The participant will have the right to spinoff and become its own freestanding public company. And we will help guide them all the way.